We all know how exhausting it is to find places for bachelors in India. Landlords here are something else. Some won’t accept couples, others won’t accept their religion, and the remaining will find another ridiculous reason to reject bachelors. Like their food-eating habits, for instance! 

But guess what? Desis carry their instinctual whims, fancies, prejudices, casteism, and conservatism abroad. An Indian couple in Ireland denied accommodation to a Sikh man at the very last moment because he’s a non-vegetarian.

India is the most vegetarian country in the world with only 39% of adults claiming to be vegetarians. This minority group has many people deifying vegetarianism as a moral virtue. They boast of it as if it’s some kind of symbol of pride to be vegetarians when more than half of our country and the world eats meat daily.

It’s like people now have clearly forgotten that our species thrived on non-vegetarian food at the very beginning of humankind. You can see that in how the Indian couple was fine with Simran’s girlfriend; they just had an issue with him.

And these reservations against non-vegetarian Indians are deeply rooted in caste and religion and not because people give two effs about the planet and sustainability. Back then, people from the upper caste prohibited eating meat on religious and moral grounds. In the present times, people continue to follow their principles with free moral policing to anybody who disagrees.


And instances like these are so common that you may as well bang your head against the wall because you — my non-vegetarian committed friend — are getting no place anywhere in the world by a desi vegetarian.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to this.

Apparently, that’s true!

Clearly, casteism by Desis for Desis is not a thing of India alone. We’re crossing borders!