Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our mornings have changed. We wake up dreading to read the news because more often than not, they carry names of people we love, admired, looked up to – and declare that they are no longer alive. 

Today, it was Dr. KK Aggarwal’s name that I read in the news first thing.

And my mind went back to the time he had gotten the vaccine without telling his wife, who got angry. In the video, you could see him calmly explaining to her that he did what he had to.

When people started trolling him, he tweetd this.

You knew then that he is a simple, dedicated man. Further proving the same is the last video of him addressing the doctors, while being infected with the virus, knowing that his condition was serious and with an oxygen tube in his nose. 

In the video, he says “the show must go on”, as he gives advice to his colleagues on how to handle the current situation.

The show must go on. Mere jaise log oxygen pe bhi classes lenge aur logon ko bachaane ki koshish karenge…1 to 1 consultation karne ka samay chala gaya hai.

Basically, he said that the patients with similar symptoms have to be divided into groups and called in for consultations because individual interactions are taking too much time.

It’s incredibly tough to watch even 10 seconds of the video without tearing up, but you remind yourself of his courage and move forward.

Here’s how people paid tribute to the doctor.

I will never be able to comprehend what makes people so selfless, maybe it’s the responsibility, or maybe just made that way. Either way, we’re eternally grateful to you, doctor. Rest in peace and power. 

Also, some of you will have questions about the vaccine. Yes, it seems like he had both shots of the vaccine, and still, covid got out of hand in his body. That can happen. But the number of lives the vaccine is saving is much more, with little to no side effects. Hence, please go and get your jab.