A recent claim stated that women should not take Covid-19 vaccines five days before and after their period cycle but, that’s NOT true. It’s fake news. 


In an attempt to clear the air, the government appealed to all women not to fall prey to fake news and to get themselves vaccinated, irrespective of their periods.

In fact, doctors and activists have also stepped into squash such claims, stating periods have nothing to do with the vaccinations.

While speaking to The Quint, Dr Munjaal Kapadia, a gynaecologist at Namaha Hospital said:

Firstly, periods do not have any impact on the immunity of a person. You can take the vaccine even during your periods. Periods have no effect on the vaccine. One should take the vaccine at the earliest. You are not supposed to delay your vaccine just because you are on your periods.

Dr Anjila Aneja, a gynaecologist at Fortis La-Femme also refuted these claims and said:

There is no problem if a woman takes vaccine during, after and before periods unless she is planning for a baby. Don’t withhold your vaccination because of this.

So, there is nothing to worry about. 

The government has opened Covid-19 vaccination for all above 18 years of age from May 1. Click here to know how to register.  

Beware of fake news. Always check reliable sources before believing anything.