Recently, a video on the internet was going viral wherein hundreds of sheeps were seen moving in a perfect circle – for 12 days straight that too without stopping! This video was tweeted by the Chinese state-run outlet People’s Daily, which said the sheep are perfectly healthy and the reason for this behaviour is still a mystery.

Not gonna lie, when I first saw this video it reminded me of some ancient ritual where people gathered together on a particular day to perform some ritual, just something I saw on Outlander, or some episode out of Supernatural.

sheep circle china

According to New York Post, it started with a small number of sheep before the entire flock joined in. There are a total of 34 sheep pens out of which only the sheep in pen number 13 have been behaving in this manner.

People have a lot of opinions and reactions to this, and some even think the end of day is coming

Amidst all the spooky speculations, some had a reason to why this could be happening. Although People’s Daily has said the sheep are perfectly healthy, some think it is a bacterial disease called Listeriosis, which causes some animals to appear disorientated and start circling. It can inflame one side of the brain and cause the sheep to behave in an odd way. Sadly, recovery in such cases is rare.

But then, some rejected the claim saying it couldn’t be Listeriosis as they would be disoriented and wouldn’t be circling perfectly together like that.

Well, I’ll just put this out there 👀 –

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