Gautam Gambhir and his jalebis have been trending on social media for quite some time. 

After missing a key meeting in Delhi and being targeted by the aam-janta, Gambhir’s statements are creating more problems than solutions for the former Indian opener. 

India Today

Speaking in his defence on the entire jalebi controversy, Gambhir was visibly upset and had claimed that he will quit jalebis, if doing so will reduce Delhi’s pollution. 

Miffed by a string of controversies drawing him a lot of attention, the Delhi politician was in damage control mode but his statements soiled his efforts. 

Twitterati, which was already buzzing with a lot of gambhir situations, was seen mocking the politician turned cricketer. 

Clearly, netizens weren’t impressed with Gambhir lashing out on the journalist and want him to focus on better and more important things in Delhi.