The 21-day nation-wide lockdown imposed by PM Modi is essential for containing the spread of Coronavirus. However, that does not mean that it has left no casualties - especially amongst India's unorganized sector. Because many of them have been left with no place to call home, no income, and not even basic nourishment or meals. 

Like this young boy from Bihar, who has been trying to reach home for three days, only to be stuck at the Delhi bus stop. 

NDTV reported that the young boy worked as a construction worker in Delhi. But since all non-essential businesses have been shut, he is out of a job. And now, also out of a place to call home.

All he has is the bag on his back and a tearful wish, to reach home, by any means necessary. He is one of the many migrant workers, stuck at the bus stop, trying to find a way to head back home. But all they face are police constables, threatening them to not collect together. 

For India's unorganized sector, hunger may become a bigger threat than Coronavirus and it is imperative that the government works to keep them safe till the pandemic ends. While a lockdown is a necessity, for migrant workers with little to no savings, it may as well become a necessary evil that robs them of any sense of safety. 

As of now, various state governments, including Delhi, have introduced measures for the unorganized sector but it appears that people are either not aware of these benefits, or can not avail them.  

H/T: NDTV (Boy Weeps At Deserted Delhi Bus Station Amid Lockdown)

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