Finding the perfect room to rent is a daunting task. Sometimes, the rent is way out of our budget, or the location is not that safe. There can be several factors involved that affect our decision to rent any space. ‘Coz why not? Checking the property online and then visiting the place doesn’t always guarantee that it will be the same as shown in the pictures. If you are lucky, then great, but if you aren’t, you are back to square one.

Representational image from Wake Up Sid. Source: Dharma Productions

Room with attached washroom is fine but have you ever heard of a room having toilet inside it? Now that we are talking about it, a picture of a room having toilet with bed is going viral on the Internet.

A Reddit user (u/supermarketblues) posted an inside-view of the room from the property apparently located in Greater Kailash- 2, Delhi. The picture shows a small room with a bed, curtains, air conditioner on the right and a bathroom and toilet on the left. It’s basically, jo hai yahi hai!

The user asked, “What’s the max rent you would pay for this kind of place in GK2?”

Here’s the photo in discussion.

Source: Reddit

And just like us, Redditors have varied thoughts regarding this room. While some agreed that they would pay to stay here, others are demanding rent in return.

No matter how much the rent is, I am definitely not staying here. Imagine sleeping in the same room where you poop. Yikes! Would you stay here?