Alphabet Inc and Google LLC CEO Sundar Pichai will receive $240 million or ₹17,21,29,76,000 in stock awards over the next three years if he reaches all his performance targets. 

According to News18, along with the reserved incentive he will draw a salary of $2 million annually from the beginning of 2020. 


After declining $58 million or Rs 405 crores in May, 2019 this is the first time that Pichai’s future salary will have an annual increase. 

Pichai, at that point, had agreed that he was getting paid enough already and doesn’t need to think about getting more. 

Financial Express

The announcement of a pay raise was made in a Securities Exchange Commission filing by Alphabet. 

Additionally it was declared that Pichai will pocket $90 million for his new role as the CEO of Alphabet as well as Google. 

The Next Web

The filing also stated that he will also receive two other stock grants, of $120 million and $30 million, neither tied to his performance but kept as a reward for his continued employment. 

LA Times

After signalling the end of their era of contribution, both Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to put their complete faith in Pichai and handed over the position of the CEO for Alphabet Inc. 

Page and Brin will continue their involvement as co-founders, shareholders and members of Alphabet’s Board of Directors.