As the farmers’ protest against farm bills inches close to completing a month, the photos of farmers fighting for their rights in the bitter cold have surfaced on social media. 

However, one of the photos from the protest showed farmers consuming pizza. 

While there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary in anyone, including protesting farmers, consuming pizza, a section of society took this as a way of discrediting the entire protest, alleging that farmers’ plight was not as dire because they were consuming pizza. 

And actor, comedian, and politician Gurpreet Ghuggi had the perfect response to this illogical reasoning. 


In a video that has now gone viral, he responded that considering everything, from the wheat used to make the pizza dough to the vegetables put on the pizza, is grown by farmers, there should be no issue with farmers consuming pizza. 

And people are now sharing the video, with this witty, on-point explanation, on social media

In a democracy, every citizen has a right to protest peacefully. And eating pizza is as peaceful as it can get… unless it’s the last slice left!