Doctors, nurses and other health workers are at a higher risk of contracting coronavirus but, for them, saving our lives is more important.

And, while there are some who are heckling, attacking and assaulting these real heroes, there are others, who are appreciating them and recongising them for all their efforts. 

Take the government of Haryana for example. 

In a welcome move, the Haryana government has decided to double the salary of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff members and other health workers who are working in the frontline as the true ‘corona warriors’.  

This comes after CM Manohar Lal Khattar held a meeting through video conferencing with civil surgeons, Indian Medical Association chiefs from various districts in the state and district ayurvedic officers. 

As per the announcement, they will get paid double their salary until the crisis is over. 

According to reports, these were his exact words:

All those connected in this fight against coronavirus, be it doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, class IV staff, ambulance staff, testing lab staff, their salary will be doubled.

He also described doctors and other health workers as next to god who are battling this pandemic like soliders and risking their lives to save humanity.

Recently, Khattar also announced that doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff would get ex gratia benefits of Rs 50 lakh, Rs 30 lakh, Rs 20 lakh and Rs 10 lakh, respectively if they weren’t included in the new insurance scheme announced by the central government. 

Netizens lauded the Haryana government for taking this step and recognising the efforts of all the doctors and other health workers in the state. 

So far, Haryana has reported 154 coronavirus cases with two deaths.