While the nation stands in solidarity with our doctors, nurses and health workers, working in the frontline to fight the pandemic, there are still some people who are heckling them, treating them badly and accusing them of spreading coronavirus. 

According to reports, two female doctors, working at Safdarjung Hospital (a government run hospital) in South Delhi were allegedly assaulted on Wednesday evening when they stepped out to buy some groceries. 

When they went to the market near Gautam Nagar area they were confronted by a man who harassed them for not isolating themselves inside their house. 

Reportedly, the man further stated, in the presence of doctors there might be risk of Covid-19 spreading. When the two doctors tried confronting the locals, they were attacked. 

The female doctors did call the police but, by the time they arrived, the accused had fled. When the locals were asked about the issue, almost everyone refused to give out the details of the attacker. 

Later, the accused was identified as a 42-year-old interior designer. He was arrested on Wednesday night by the Delhi police. The doctors, on the other hand, were taken back to Safdarjung Hospital where they were treated for their injuries. 

Even Twitter was shocked to hear the news and this is how they reacted to the story. 

We all need to understand that doctors are here for us, to help us and in no way is it fair for us to treat them like this. They are the ones putting their own lives at risk to save ours. And, we must treat them with respect. That’s the least we can do. 

Currently, there are about 20 coronavirus hotspots in the national capital that have been sealed. The state government has also made face masks compulsory for all those who are stepping out of their house.