The story we are about to tell you now is going to make you weep. This tale will give you an insight into the tough and gruelling conditions migrant workers are facing in their desperate attempt to return to their homes. 

This is the story of 24-year-old Amrit, a migrant worker who couldn’t make it home. He lost his life due to a severe heat stroke. Sadly, he will never see his family again.

A viral picture of a migrant worker lying on his friend’s lap, Yakoob, is widely being shared across social media platforms but, the story behind the moving picture is even more heartbreaking. 

Desperate to return home, Amrit was travelling with other migrants from Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh in a truck. He used to work at a garment factory in Surat but after losing his job, he was left with no option but to return to his hometown.

He paid ₹4000 for standing space in the back of a truck bound for Indore but he fell sick during the journey. As a result, he was de-boarded from the truck near Shivpuri and his friend, Yakoob was the only one who was there, sitting next to him, crying for help. 

In the viral picture, Yakoob is seen calling for help as Amrit lies on his lap, helpless. No one stopped to help them or to even take Amrit to the nearest hospital. 

And, by the time this picture went viral and help arrived, it was too late. Amrit died. Talking about the incident, Shivpuri civil surgeon Dr P K Khare said:

 Amrit had high fever and was also vomiting. The apparent symptoms are of severe heat-led complications, but things will become clear after the COVID-19 test results are available. 

Yakoob, who lost his dear friend, has been quarantined in the hospital as his test result is pending. 

Just a few days ago, the SC dismissed a petition that asked the centre be ordered to provide food and water to migrants on the move.

We couldn’t help the helpless. We have failed as a race.