A CM recently used a woman on a flight as an example of how westernisation is ‘destroying’ our society. And I was quite offended, what if he had made similar comments about me? Because trust me, I do like showing my knees on flights. 

If I were the woman he spoke of, this would be my story: 

I was sitting in a plane, minding my own business and this man next to me kept staring at my jeans – little did I know he would make it a national issue. 

Here I am, flying with my kids and he keeps looking at my legs, and so I told him what I do, hoping that would humanise me. Instead, it turns out that only made him angrier. Why did my clothes make him angry? No idea. 

This is his justification:

He then goes ahead and tells the whole world about my jeans! Questioning my morals, sanskaar and how I raise my children, not to mention my own upbringing. Let me get one thing straight – you stared at my legs, and I’m un-sanskaari? You made public opinions about my life and I’m the one with a problem because I show my knees? 

I have the perfect solution for you Mr CM, how about next time you keep your eyes and opinions away, where they belong, in your narrow mindset. And stop staring at people, it’s rude.