The people of Hong Kong are out on the streets to protest against a recent extradition bill. However, it's not your usual protest where you witness chaos and mishaps, one after the other. 

The world is lauding citizens of Hong Kong for demonstrating preparedness and resilience with peace and being highly efficient in their approach. 

From making sure that they don't litter their city to helping journalists after the police deployed tear gas on them, they are setting an example for the rest of the world.

Even though the protest consisted of at least 2 million people, this was the level of cleanliness the people participated in.

Source: Reddit/RandomUp

To ensure that their city doesn't suffer while this is happening, protesters were seen cleaning up the fields after the protest was over.

Source: Reddit/KikiCheung

Without being a hindrance to others' needs, the people of Hong Kong parted like the Red Sea to give way to an ambulance.

Source: Reddit/Samq90

Their efficiency and preparation were clearly evident when they used umbrellas to protect themselves from the pepper spray used by the police outside Hong Kong's government headquarters.

Source: Reddit/bint_elkhandaq

To ensure that their first aid area is not destroyed and injured protesters receive safe medical attention, they formed a human wall around the area.

They were also prepared for any harm that might come their way from the police department. (read: teargas)

Not just the citizens, the journalists also participated in their own way by wearing helmets, eye masks and reflective vests to express their disappointment towards the police force.

Source: Reddit

They didn't lose their peaceful spirit even after one of them lost his life. Instead, they commemorated him.

Unlike the kind of protests we see around the world, they were putting out fires instead of starting them.

Source: Reddit

They protected their journalists from the police's teargas just like their own.

Kudos to the people of Hong Kong for standing up for their rights without losing sight of things.