How you doin’ fellas!

If you are a FRIENDS fanatic, just like us, you must have been waiting to see the six friends back on screen. Being one of the most well-known sitcoms across the world, the much-anticipated reunion episode is all set to air on May 27th. 

Ever since the reunion has been announced, fans are crying their eyes out with joy. However, it was a little disappointing for everyone in India since it was set to release on HBO Max, which is currently only accessible in the US. 

Worry not, you all. Zee5 has now announced that Friends: The Reunion, which brings back the magic of Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe & Ross, will see its special premiere on their OTT platform.

We are extremely excited to bring Friends: The Reunion exclusively on Zee5 for the Indian market. FRIENDS is amongst the world’s most-watched and loved sitcoms and it is a great opportunity for us to present their reunion, something that the world has been talking about, on Zee5 for Friends fans in India. Zee5 is the home of entertainment for millions and fans across regions and languages can enjoy Friends: The Reunion from the safety of their home.

-Manish Kalra, Zee5 India’s Chief Business Officer

All you need to do is buy the premium subscription of the platform for ₹499 and grab a tub of popcorn. Although the date and time are yet to be confirmed, we are simply glad it’s finally happening.


Could we BE more excited?