With the relaxations in the nationwide lockdown, various incidents have surfaced on the internet where Indians have forgotten the basic norms of social distancing, despite the soaring numbers of positive COVID cases. 

Another such incident was recently witnessed in Haveri, Karnataka where hundreds of people gathered for an annual religious fair, violating the lockdown rules and throwing social distancing out of the window.  

Amidst the pandemic, people are spotted stepping out of their homes in large numbers to enjoy a bullock cart race without wearing masks or any other protective gear. 

According to reports by Times Now, the government didn’t sanction permission for this event but the organisers went ahead with hosting the annual religious festival anyway. 

Reportedly, the police will be booking 30 people for organising this event without permission and putting hundreds of people in harm’s way. 


Netizens are furious with this irresponsible incident: 

As we write this, with around 298 K positive cases, India has surpassed the number of cases in the United Kingdom to become the fourth worst-hit country by the pandemic.