Recently, Uttarakhand’s CM Tirath Singh Rawat’s insensitive and sexist comment about women wearing ripped jeans created a storm on internet

Kainchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) — showing bare knees, wearing ripped denim and looking like rich kids — these are the values being given now. Where is this coming from, if not at home? What is the fault of teachers or schools? Where am I taking my son, showing his knees and in tattered jeans? Girls are no less, showing their knees. Is this good? All of this, in a mad race of westernisation. While the western world follows us, doing yoga … covering their body properly. And we run towards nudity. If this kind of woman goes out in the society to meet people and solve their problems, what kind of message are we giving out to the society, to our kids? It all starts at home. 
Amar Ujala

He faced a lot of flak by netizens and #RippedJeans trended on Twitter. Now, after several days since he made the said comment, he has apologised for the remark. 

According to reports, the UP CM said that is apologetic if he hurt any sentiments but at the same time, he said that he as an objection to ‘ripped jeans’ not normal jeans. He said,  

I am not against people wearing clothes of their choice. I, too, have a daughter. But while clothing is an individual choice, people should respect their culture and traditions … We have examples like Rani Laxmi Bai, who fought battles in a sari. 

Rawat said in an interview that his comment was about children bringing a costly jean home and then cutting it with a scissor. He had only talked about the environment at home and this applies to him as well. 

Looks like there’s a lot more schooling for him.