Recently, the Uttarakhand CM commented upon women who wear ripped jeans, thereby joining the long list of men who believed that women’s clothing ‘sends a message’ other than “mind your own business”. 

Kainchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) — showing bare knees, wearing ripped denim and looking like rich kids — these are the values being given now. Where is this coming from, if not at home? What is the fault of teachers or schools? Where am I taking my son, showing his knees and in tattered jeans? Girls are no less, showing their knees. Is this good? All of this, in a mad race of westernisation. While the western world follows us, doing yoga … covering their body properly. And we run towards nudity.  If this kind of woman goes out in the society to meet people and solve their problems, what kind of message are we giving out to the society, to our kids? It all starts at home.

-Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat to TOI

Of course, in the midst of a pandemic, rising petrol prices, global warming, and whatnot, there is no greater concern than women wearing ripped jeans because they wanted to. 

I mean, these images have shocked me more than the price of petrol and diesel today morning. 

Looking at these jeans, I’d say women need to get back to stitching. Though, going by the standard of women’s safety in India, we all should anyway be walking around with needles in our pockets. 

Instagram/Dikhsa Rawat
Instagram/Nora Fatehi

The banks are already on strike and then we have women walking around in jeans with holes in them? What does that even say about India’s economy! 

Instagram/Juhi Godambe

Now, if only these women were walking around in tattered jeans at the Singhu border or the Tikri and Ghazipur borders, then they could have been conveniently ignored. 

Instagram/Kiara Advani
Instagram/Kriti Sanon

But no these women are out there, exposing knees that only have one purpose – to get skinned when you fall. Tch, tch!

These women, I tell you! *Sigh*