You’re a news reporter assigned to report on the celebrations following India versus Bangladesh cricket match. What a fantastic assignment for the day! Yet, what do you do? You promote inceldom in front of the national television and crib about a woman who left another man (for good) years ago. You let him reveal her name and ask bunch of men to request her to unblock him.

In a clip going viral on Twitter, a man in Aaj Tak news can be seen being a desperate man-child surrounded by a bunch of men poking fun at the entire affair. The journo cheered him and the surrouning men (smirking) shout, “Varsha! Varsha!” One even says something like, ‘humaare bhai ko Varsha dilado,‘ as if a woman is nothing more than a lottery ticket.

Twitter is calling out the news reporting for glorifying subtle misogyny. Here’s what people are saying.

That convetional ‘male ego’ resides in delusion.

Seriously! One can only hope.

Only when you thought mainstream news channels couldn’t get any lower! This ain’t funny, but horribly obtuse.

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