Time and again, the armed forces have given us several life lessons to learn. And now, once again, they are going viral for winning numerous hearts on the internet.

Danvir Singh, an author and a defence consultant, took to his social media handle and shared a picture of army officers offering namaz. Needless to mention, the tweet went viral in no time.


The event was organised by The Indian Army Corps Commander Lt Gen DP Pandey for offering namaz during the holy month of Ramadan

The many officers were seen praying, regardless of their religion. In fact, a Sikh officer was also spotted offering namaz.


After being shared online, the tweet has garnered over 32.1K likes and 5K retweets. This is how netizens reacted:

You can check the entire post of the officers offering namaz here:

The picture showcases the real and beautiful side of our country.