Trigger Warning: The article features acts of violence, racism, and videos of stranded students. While we would like for you to see what is happening on the ground, it is still important to know what you are walking into. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put Indians residing in the country in an impossible position. Thousands of Indian students who have been trying to escape Ukraine to Poland for a safe passage back to India have reportedly been mistreated, beaten up and stopped by the Ukrainian military at the border. 


Videos of students being beaten up and mistreated have been going viral on Twitter, with even prominent political figures sharing the gut wrenching imagery. 

Listen to this Indian student talking about the ordeal she and thousands of others are facing in the war-torn country. 

There are so many of these videos going around on Twitter, with Indian kids explaining the confusion and the mistreatment they have been subjected to in extremely cold conditions. 

Many students are also facing an acute shortage of food, water and proper shelter. Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in Ukraine has now asked students to get to the borders near Romania and Hungary.

To say the situation is dire would be unjust to the situation at hand here. So, make yourself heard here at home, let our leaders know we want our people back.