Residents of a Ukrainian city turn tragedy into art to exhibit an unshakable spirit and as a sign of resistance to Russian aggression. Ukraine, a war-torn country, has been defiantly defending its land against Russian forces for quite some time. Russian military stormed a number of cities across Ukraine, including Gostomel, which is close to the country’s capital, Kyiv.

Residents of the city have now altered their bullet-riddled fence by painting four-leaf clovers on it as a symbol of happiness.

Many users flocked to Twitter to express their admiration for the Ukrainian people for creating such beauty and eliciting messages of hope even from bullet holes. Here’s how they reacted:

According to the UK’s defense ministry, Russia may try to overstate the threat that Belarusian military exercises bring to Ukraine in order to divert Ukrainian forces north of the country and away from combat in the Donbas.

Meanwhile, 221 children have died and 408 have been injured since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, as per the Ukrainian ombudsman.