A lot goes into planning a wedding but, things don’t always go as planned. And, that’s where jugaad and out-of-the-box thinking comes into play.

These makeshift wedding ideas during the pandemic are proof of how innovative we desis can get if the need arises.   

1. Rakesh and Dheekshana, a couple from Tamil Nadu got married on a flight with 161 guests onboard on 23rd May 2021. 

They came up with this idea to avoid lockdown rules and it clearly worked. The wedding ceremony took place inside a plane that was destined for Thoothukudi from Madurai. All the guests were requested to take the Covid test before they were allowed to join the bride and groom. Though, an investigation is on with regards to this matter. 

2. This couple from Madhya Pradesh tied the knot in PPE kits on 27th April 2021 after the groom tested positive just days before the wedding. 

In a viral video, the bride and the groom were seen taking part in the wedding ceremony while wearing PPE kits. Along with the couple, the priest, and a few family members were also seen donning PPE suits. 

3. Kirtesh Kumar and Jyoti Kumari, a couple from Bihar used bamboo sticks to put garlands on each other as a way of maintaining physical distance from each other. 

The wedding ceremony took place on 2nd May 2021. The couple was dressed in their wedding attire and they also wore masks to avoid getting infected. 


4. Sushen Dang and Keerti Narang decided to have a virtual wedding on 7th May 2020 during the lockdown that was announced last year as they couldn’t wait any longer.  

Their wedding story was shared on Instagram by Shaadi.com. And, their intimate marriage ceremony was attended virtually by their relatives and their friends.  

5. This couple from Rajasthan got married at a Covid centre in PPE kits as the bride tested positive on the day of the wedding. 

Their wedding ceremony took place on 6th December 2020. The priest was also spotted in a PPE kit while conducting the ceremony. 

6. This Indian-origin couple hosted a drive-in wedding ceremony with over 200 guests in the UK on 5th October 2020.

Roma Popat and Vinal Patel came up with this unique idea to maintain social distancing. Their guests arrived for the wedding ceremony in their vehicles and watched the ceremony unfold from a distance. 

Hats off to their creaivity.