It’s no secret that airport food is expensive. So naturally, many of us prefer taking homemade food over purchasing pricy food available there. It’s normal, and a lot of us do that. Society never pressured us to buy anything from the airport. However, an influencer thinks otherwise.

In a video titled, ‘Normalise eating Ghar ka Khana at Airport,’ the man was seen eating homemade food with his mother at the airport. He said people looked oddly at the duo eating home food and how such people don’t matter. “Travelling in flights have become easier for middle class but the societal pressure of buying ₹400 worth dosa and ₹100 worth water bottle is still too damn high,” he wrote in his tweet.

Have a look at the video shared by @ThePlacardGuy on Twitter.

News flash: Nobody really cares about what you’re eating at the airport. Also, TBH, the Indian definition of being middle-class is blurry and pretty ridiculous. Many of us just live in the illusion of being middle class without accounting for our privilege. BTW, taking a flight for travel is a privilege. Less than 5% of Indians can even afford to travel by air.

But many Twitter users are just confused about what’s the big deal in eating home food in airports since literally so many of us do that.

We don’t need to normalise something that’s completely normal.

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