Ratan Tata is undoubtedly one of the most-loved and admired personalities in our country. Apart from possessing remarkable business foresight and being a generous philanthropist he is also a great humanitarian who is not corrupted by fame or success. 

This 82-year-old industrialist has surely taught us important life lessons that can help us in becoming better human beings. He is a living example of what a true gentleman really is, because possessing qualities like kindness and empathy is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

On that note, here are 6 instances that prove Ratan Tata is a man with a golden heart. 

1. When he urged companies not to lay off employees due to the ongoing pandemic. 

In a recent interview with YourStory, Ratan Tata urged businesses to show empathy and sensitivity towards their stakeholders, shareholders and their employees in these difficult times. He also talked about how companies must be ethical towards the labour force who have always served them. He urged companies to think about decisions keeping their customers and employees in mind so that they don’t do injustice to anyone. 

2. When his awesome reply won the internet after someone called him ‘Chhotu’ on Instagram. 

A few months back, Ratan Tata posted a picture of himself where he was seen sitting on the floor, and candidly smiling, to celebrate his 1M milestone. He humbly thanked his followers for giving him all the love. But, things started going out of hand, when a woman called him ‘Chhotu’ while congratulating him. Even though her intentions were positive, online trolls began lashing out on her. But, just when things started getting ugly Ratan Tata came to her rescue and replied to the comment and said, “There is a child in each one of us. Please treat this young lady with respect.” 

3. When he appealed to his fans and followers to adopt and lookout for abandoned pets. 

Many may not know this but, Ratan Tata is quite fond of animals. He is equally passionate and vocal about animals who are mistreated or abandoned. From speaking against animal cruelty to urging his followers to adopt abandoned pets, Ratan Tata believes in giving voice to the ‘voiceless’. He always raises awareness about animals and he also supports many NGOs and animal shelters. 

4. When he urged his followers to stop online hate and to be empathetic. 

Recently, Ratan Tata shared a compassionate post online, urging his fans and followers to put an end to online hate and virtual bullying. He asked people to be empathetic towards each other, instead of passing judgements and creating negativity in these times of crisis. He says instead of hating on one another, we must learn to be kind, sensitive and patient towards one another. 

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5. When he was woke enough and busted fake news about himself. 

This year, in April Ratan Tata shed light on another problem that was attacking the well-being of our country- fake news. While busting a fake news article about himself that was being widely circulated on social media platforms, he cautioned people to stay alert and woke. There was nothing wrong with the quote used in the article but, he still made it a point to clarify the fact that those were not his words.  

6. When he publicly shared his personal experience on how nepotism affected him.

During an interview with Humans of Bombay in February, Ratan Tata revealed that when JRD Tata stepped down from his position as the Group Chairman and the Chairman of Tata Industries as well as Tata Sons in 1991, he received tremendous criticism for taking JRD Tata’s position. He was often branded as the ‘wrong choice’ and he was also called a product of ‘nepotism’ but, the reality was different. There were no other aspirants for the position at that time so he took all the hate and criticism with a pinch of salt and continued to focus on his work, all while maintaining a dignified silence. 

A true gentlemen with a golden heart.