Tu jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hai. 

Everyone living in Delhi has heard this line at least once. The lucky ones didn’t have it addressed to them; while not-so-lucky people, well…

So, as much as we love the city, it must be criticised for the crime and cases of irresponsible behaviour that truly leave you in a state of shock. Here we have compiled some of those.

1. 31 people were arrested in Delhi for attending a party in a club called ‘Playgue’, during the lockdown.

Because why the hell not? Who cares what it will lead to?!

As per reports, alcohol and hookah were served at the party and people were informed about it by the organiser through WhatsApp. The police got suspicious about it when it saw many cars parked outside the venue, and made the arrests later. 

2. A 29-year-old Delhi man pretended to be an IAS officer, just to go on a drive during the lockdown. He was stopped and busted by police after some grilling.

The person had stickers of Bharat Sarkar and Delhi Police on his car, and told the police that he is 2009-batch IAS officer working for Union Home Ministry. He was arrested after some heated argument.

3. Guests at a Delhi wedding started a fight and thrashed hotel staff because they were unhappy with the quality of the food served.

The incident happened in Janakpuri and involved over 400 guests. This is how the hotel looked after the fight.

4. Son of UP politician got involved in a fight with a couple outside a hotel Delhi and threatened them with a gun.

The video of the incident, which was highly circulated on the internet, left people shocked and scared about their safety. The lawlessness was also pretty evident and people questioned how did the guy have the audacity to scare someone with a weapon in his hand?

5. A Delhi thief allegedly stole 6 cars in 1 month, right after coming out of jail. More twisted is the fact that he only used to go for Honda City.

The thief was identified as 22-year-old Amrit Singh, who apparently liked Honda City for its air-conditioning (priorities!).

It doesn’t end here, though. It was also reported that Amrit used the car to give joyrides to kids of his neighbourhood and used to abandon the vehicles when they ran out of fuel.

Hindustan Times

6. A Delhi man was held by CISF for impersonating as a Lufthansa pilot, to get extra privileges on flight. 

The flight crew itself informed the police after they suspected that a passenger was wearing a pilot’s uniform. On being inquired, he said that he got the fake ID from Bangkok and used to shoot YouTube videos based on aviation facilities.

7. 4 people were injured in a fight that broke out in gym in Northeast Delhi. It started between two men, one of whom was reported to have hit the other with an iron rod.

The entire thing was recorded in the CCTV camera and cross cases were filed against the two main accuse.

Business Standard

8. A high-profile party in Delhi was busted when the excise department came for a raid and found illegal alcohol being served to the guests.

Police got the information that non-duty alcohol was being served at the party and decided to execute a raid. The farmhouse was blacklisted as a result and arrests were made in the case.

9. In the first 2 weeks of April, 2020, 155 people were arrested for illegally transporting alcohol during the lockdown. This included a milkman and also a police officer. 

It was also reported that a huge number of bottles were recovered from an ambulance.

India Today

Delhi, you can do better.