Recently, it was reported that 68 female students were asked to strip by authorities at an educational institute in Bhuj, Gujarat, in order to confirm if they were menstruating or not.


At a time when we are aiming for equality among all genders, the horrific incident drew a lot of flak from people. And if this wasn’t enough, Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir, the same sect that runs this institute, further exposed his sick mentality.

A video of him from about a year ago, where he is preaching about menstruating women, is doing rounds on the Internet. 

While preaching he said:

A menstruating woman who cooks food for her husband will certainly be reborn as ‘kutri’ (bitch).

And according to him, people who eat food prepared by menstruating women, will be born as oxen. Further he also referred to the shastras to substantiate his remarks.

You can feel whatever you want but these rules have been outlined in the shastras.

His words didn’t go down well with people who took to Twitter to point the misogyny.

It should be noted that the same sect prohibits women from entering temples or kitchens while they are on their period.

It’s 2020 and also high time to do away with deeply entrenched menstrual taboos.