Global leaders often face backlash for their blatant hypocrisy- never practising what they preach. Nonetheless, the latest decision of New Zealand’s PM might alter your perception of leaders. 

In the face of an outbreak of the Omicron variant, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was compelled to cancel her own wedding on Sunday. 

The Hindu

She tightened the Covid-19 restrictions, allowing 100 fully vaccinated people at functions, yet she chose not to hold her wedding. She expressed,

I just joined many other New Zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the pandemic and to anyone who is caught up in that scenario I am so sorry.

The detection of nine instances of Omicron in a family travelling between cities to attend a wedding, as well as the infection of a flight attendant on one of the planes they went on, compelled New Zealand to apply its ‘red setting’ restrictions beginning at midnight Sunday.

The West Australian

Ardern and her fiancé Clarke Gayford have not announced a wedding date, but it is expected to take place within the next few weeks. The new limits will be in effect until at least the end of next month.

Amidst the world leaders who breach the COVID rules that they themselves put in place, PM of New Zealand is someone to look up to.