On Sunday, new CCTV footage of police brutality from December 15th, recorded on the premises of a reading room of Jamia Milia Islamia surfaced on the internet.  

The footage revealed Delhi Police ruthlessly charging and beating Jamia students with lathis inside a reading room. The footage was handed over to the channels by the Special Investigation Team of Delhi Police, various news channels reported and claim that students entered the reading room with stones in their hands.  

Following the bandwagon and infamous for not fact-checking their own news, claiming that the video was “authentic”, various news channels reported that the student was holding on to stones.

However, Scroll reports that ALT News used a higher resolution of the same video, slowed it down and monitored it frame by frame only to find that the student was holding a brown coloured wallet in one hand and flat object like a phone in the other 

The Wire

The wallet was visibly spotted in various frames. It is most clear at the 1:22-minute mark when the student stretches his arm. 


It was noticed that the student was carrying something like a phone in the other hand. And just to apply our own brains, a stone would be more irregularly shaped, whereas, the flat object which we’re assuming to be a phone is quite evenly-shaped, symmetrical and flat. 


 According to The Wire, media outlets jumped to the police’s defence, without internally analysing the video. Not only that, but they also managed to falsely claim that he was the same student who was injured in the January 30th shooting.

The student who was portrayed to be a stone pelter and accused to be the initiator of police brutality was literally just holding his two belongings — his wallet and his phone amidst the chaos.   

These facts were originally monitored by ALT News.