Work is not always fun. Some people work just to earn money, regardless of what work they are doing. And hence most people are not happy with their jobs but they still end up doing it. So if you are one of those people who start yawning just by thinking of work, then this article just might change your life goals. Here‘s a list of jobs for lazy people.

1. Professional foreigner

If you can suit up well and shake hands firmly, then you could get employed in China.

Chinese companies sometimes pay foreigners (who don’t speak Chinese) to do things like go to open houses for sale, event grand openings, etc. and just act like they’re a celebrity at real estate. Apparently, there is a certain level of esteem attached to an event if a foreigner attends it.

Source: scps.nyu

2. Professional cuddler

You can actually get paid to cuddle and spoon with strangers. 

If you like staying in bed and don’t mind touching strangers, then this job is perfect for you. Apps like Cuddlr and Cuddle Comfort offer professional cuddling services. Cuddlers charge up to $80 per hour & currently these services are available in 16 states.


Source: bussinessinsider


3. Hotel sleep tester

Sleep in a comfortable bed in a fancy hotel, use the amenities and get paid to do so.

If you like travelling and staying in luxurious hotels, then how about getting paid for it? Yes, it’s true. Apparently, high-end hotels hire people to spend a night or two in their rooms and sleep on their beds. All you need to do is provide a valuable feedback of your stay at the hotel.


4. Beer taster

It’s about identifying the traits of the beer for sales and marketing, rather than your personal opinion.

The thought of having a chilled beer while you work in your office surely sounds tempting but it’s not allowed in most places. Although, there is a job that will pay you to drink beer. Most of the breweries hire professional beer tasters who are able to identify a beer’s unique texture and say whether it’s good or not. There are a lot of courses available online offering certification in craft beer technology.


5. Video game tester

Lying around on the couch all day and playing video games can actually land you a job.

Video game companies hire gamers who can try out their new games and see if they can break them. They are also required to report on any bugs or errors that they come across in the game. You can earn between $10 to $18 per hour just playing games and experience always adds up to the pay.

Source: bussinessinsider

6. Sleep study participant

If sleeping is what you do all day, then you might as well get paid to do it.  

Medical facilities keep experimenting with sleep theories and hence they need people to participate. These studies are age and lifestyle specific, thus do make sure you read about the procedure and requirements. Hospital stays usually pays more and you can earn around $1,000 per day.

Source: wenba

7. Movie extra

You do nothing, get to hang around film stars and get paid in this job.

All you need to do is stand in one place or sometimes pretend to talk, be a part of a crowd or at times just lay on the ground and pretend to be dead (like in war based movies). You will probably get paid overtime also and bringing your own clothes or props means extra money.

Source: onedio

8. Dog walker

If you love dogs then how about getting paid to just walk them around the block a few times?

This job requires a little physical work but it’s like a little workout for you too. Businessmen whose jobs require them to travel around a lot usually need people to take care of their beloved pets when they are away from home. A dog walker’s pay depends upon the number of dogs he/she can manage at a time and they can earn as much as $50 per hour, or even more.

Source: csarsway

9. Chocolate taster

If you know your chocolates, then this is the perfect job for you.

A sugar high is a rush in your body that you start feeling from a young age. You eat chocolates when you are happy and when you are sad. Hence chocolate companies hire people to try out their new candies and provide a valuable feedback regarding the taste, after-taste, smell and a lot of other things. So if you don’t mind diabetes and cavities, then go for it. 

Source: rd

10. Ice-cream taster

If you don’t mind a few brain freezes then eat all the ice-cream you want in the world and get paid. 

Ice creams are known to be the cure to depression and heartbreaks. Hence, people are hired by ice-cream companies to try out new flavours so that they can provide a general review. So if you don’t have tooth sensitivity, then this job can make you earn $60k a year.

Source: news.tu

11. Chicken sexer

This job just requires you to figure out the sex of chickens and other hatchlings.

No, it’s not what you think. Commercial hatcheries hire a chicken sexer as they have two different types of feeding programs for male and female chickens, and hence they need to distinguish between the two.

Source: dreaminkorea

12. Sports fan

If there is a sport that you love to the core and have been following for years, then you fit perfectly in this job. 

People sometimes hire sports maniacs just to watch the game with them as they are super enthusiastic and have complete knowledge about the rules and history of the game. It’s just a way to pump up the sports spirit in a room filled with boring businessmen.

Source: screenrobot

13. Breath odor evaluator

You just have to analyze people’s breath before and after they chew gum. 

If you have a strong sense of smell and you don’t mind smelling a stranger’s breath, then you are hired. Mouth freshener companies are always looking for such people to see if mints, gum, and other mouth care products are working fine.

Source: bitlanders

14. Binge-watcher

The viewing suggestions Netflix recommends when you sign in are generated by these people.

Companies like Netflix hire such people called ‘taggers’ to watch a bunch of episodes and provide information like genre/subgenre and character traits etc.  You don’t get to pick and choose the content you watch but if you have a deep passion for video entertainment then this job is perfect for you. But getting hired is not easy, there are various factors involved and the occupancy is very limited.

Source: fantasticascifi

15. Apologizer

Say sorry to a complete stranger for something that you didn’t do.  

Apologizing to someone requires heartfelt emotions. Apparently in Japan, people are hired to apologize to someone on some other person’s behalf. And the salary is said to be pretty good. 


Source: velganga


Bill Gates once said “Choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”


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