From children to young adults to the elderly, people of the country have been finding different ways to protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. 

While some are hitting the streets with their protests, some are finding other peaceful ways to let everyone know their stance on the act. 

Daily O

One such protester was the student of Jadavpur University, gold medalist Debasmita Chawdhary. In her act of protest, she tore a copy of the CAA while receiving her degree at the convocation ceremony at the university and addressed loudly to the audience – “Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge” (I will not show my papers).  

After that, she shouted “Inquialb Zindabad”, bowed to the audience, took her degree and left. 

This act of protest was acknowledged by netizens as well.

Her slogan was influenced by a poem composed by lyricist and comedian Varun Grover which talks about not showing the papers to the authorities.