One of the best examples of bravery and intelligence is seen in the actions of our armed forces. And if we were to get specific, then the story of these two war heroes that the whole country heard about on an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 12, should definitely inspire respect for the Indian Army. 


The episode was a grand finale of season 12 and was aired in January 2021. It introduced Kargil war heroes Subedar Major Yogendra Yadav and Subedar Sanjay Kumar, Param Vir Chakra awardees to the audience. And just FYI, they walked away with ₹25 lakh as prize money. But most of all, hearing their story will leave you awestruck and humbled!


In a part of the video, Subedar Major Yogendra Yadav talks about how he defeated Pakistani soldiers in spite of having been shot multiple times in his arm and leg. He said that he ended up shooting 4-5 soldiers once he regained some consciousness, with one arm. 

Not only this, but the soldier made his way back to the rest of his team by travelling down a pipeline that was around 500 meters in length! Subedar Major Yogendra Yadav was in the hospital for 16 months for the serious injuries he suffered. And, if all this wasn’t grit and bravery then what is?

You can watch the full episode here. 

There is so much valour and honour in this story.