We can’t help but feel envious of CR Anish, a faithful hard worker of myG – a renowned retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances based in Kerala. Anish received a brand new Mercedes Benz GLA Class 220D worth approximately ₹45 lakh from his boss, AK Shaji who owns the company. 

This is not the first time Shaji, who describes himself as an entrepreneur has bestowed his employees with his generosity. Two years ago, he handed out cars to six of his employees as a token of appreciation. Other gifts include lavish trips abroad for his employees.

The myG boss referred to CR Anish as his brother and expressed gratefulness for his years of support. In an Instagram post he shared: “Ani has been with me for the last 22 years even before I started myG. He is a strong pillar and a mainstay for me. He has never disappointed me. His brotherly affection and immense focus and dedication towards work supported me a lot. I consider Anish as a partner and not an employee.” 

While the rest of us are stuck with minimal bonuses and bogus pizza parties, we salute AK Shaji for acknowledging his employees’ worth and giving them the appreciation they deserve.