Maharashtra is facing a severe drought. According to reports, with water levels plummeting to 19%, this could be the worst drought in the last 6 years.

As the people of Maharashtra struggle to survive in such extreme conditions, Khalsa Aid International, a UK-based non-profit aid and relief organization has once again come forward to help those in need.

Their team has reached Nasik, one of the worst drought-affected regions in Maharashtra, this year and is providing 12 tankers of water every day to a population of 10,000 affected people.

Source: Khalsa Aid

They are providing 60,000-80,000 litres of water daily to the affected villages. Volunteers are also working towards sanitising the village wells with water purification tablets. 

Source: Khalsa Aid

Their efforts are being appreciated by people on Twitter.

Earlier the organisation had also provided aid and relief in cyclone affected Odisha and flood-hit Kerala.

They never cease to amaze us with their relief and humanitarian work.