We’d all concur that this year’s merciless heatwave is cruel enough to sap our energy in the same way that the Glucon-D ad illustrated. Nonetheless, even a single act of kindness feels like a cool breeze amidst the sweltering heat. 

Case in point: A 29-year-old local resident of Alimuddin Street, Tousif Rahman, temporarily installed his personal fridge on the side of the road in Kolkata. This is one of the first times that a refrigerator has been placed on the roadside for pedestrians to drink cold water and satiate their thirst.

Instead of pointing fingers and fussing, one deed can make a significant difference and even add to your soul’s calm.

Tousif has set a new standard for love and humanity. Twitter is showering this young man with love and blessings for actually taking steps to beat the heat.

People like this are the glue that holds our faith in humanity together.