Durga Puja is knocking at our doors. This year, the festival, which is widely celebrated by Bengalis, will begin from 1st of October to 5th of October. Now, imagine if someone begins reciting aarti in English, how would you feel? Little weird, right?

Well, a Kolkata man recently recited legendary Bengali narration of Chandipaath in English. A video of his performance is going viral on Twitter.

A screenshot from video

The clip posted by a Twitter user, @Tamal0401, features a group of five people, who are a part of Durga Puja club, performing Chandipaath (a mantra) in a hall. While one man is reciting it in English, others are playing instruments. The result is obviously a bit weird. Chandipaath was originally recited by legendary radio broadcaster, playwright, Birendra Krishna Badra.

Watch the video here:

Desis are not thrilled with it and TBH, it’s not surprising.


Look, we get that this is an attempt to make the whole tradition go a bit more global but it doesn’t work that way and, this attempt falls way short of the mark!