Recently, images and videos of a dog frantically searching for its loved ones and leading the rescue team amidst the debris of Munnar landslides broke everyone’s hearts.


The dog identified as Kuvi, could not bear the loss of her playmate 2-year-old Dhanuska and collapsed in front of the rescue team when her body was pulled out of the debris.


Following this incident, she refused to eat anything for at least a week. But Ajith Madhavan, a trainer with the Kerala Police Dog Squad finally managed to earn her trust and has now offered to adopt the dog.


Speaking to TNM, Madhavan said:

Kuvi refused to eat initially, but later, slowly started eating the yolk of boiled eggs. As she started eating more eggs, I gave her the food that we had brought for the police dogs. It was after this Kuvi felt energetic, and started hanging around with me.

As Madhavan left Pettimudi where the rescue work was on, he asked a person to look after Kuvi. He used to send him her pictures regularly. According to reports, Madhavan decided to adopt Kuvi when he learned that she was still not eating properly.

He has sought permission from the Idukki Collector and other district officials to adopt Kuvi.

Madhavan who already has other pet dogs including an 18-year-old indie dog, a beagle and French bulldog, is eagerly waiting for Kuvi to be a part of his family.

It warms our hearts to see that Kuvi will again have a loving and caring family.