A few days ago, the brutal gangrape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinary doctor in Hyderabad, sent shockwaves across the nation. Four men were accused of committing the heinous crime and were arrested a day after the incident took place. 

Protests against Rape
Source: The Hindu (Representational Image)

As per reports, the family of the four accused have not challenged capital punishment for them. According to TOI, the mother of one of the accused, C Chennakeshavulu, said that she could not defend her son's actions. 

Let him be hanged or set on fire like what they have done to the doctor. I have a daughter too and I know what the woman's family must be suffering. If I defend my son after knowing that he has committed a heinous crime, people will hate me for the rest of my life. 
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Family members of the other three accused also expressed similar sentiments, and said that the accused deserved to be punished for their crimes.