Challans are the new phobia for most Indians since the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act came into effect on September 1. 

Many people have been challaned heavily and we’ve seen some outrageous cases everyday. 

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Here’s a list of hefty challans levied on people driving two-wheelers, four-wheelers and even trucks.  

1. Man in Gurugram was fined ₹23,000 on September 3. 

A man was fined in Gurugram just 48 hours after the act came into effect. 

He was charged for 5 different traffic violations – driving without a license, without registration certificate, no third-party insurance, no pollution certificate and riding without a helmet.

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2. Man in Delhi was fined ₹27,000 on September 3. 

Couple of days after the challan in Gurugram, a man was fined ₹27,000 by Delhi Traffic Police for violating rules in Mayapuri. 

The violations included – driving without fitness certificate, driving without license, violation of restriction of time in no entry, driving without insurance, and misbehaviour with police officer. 

Times of India

3. Truck driver in Gurugram was fined ₹59,000 on September 4.

A truck driver in Gurugram was challaned ₹59,000 for as many as 10 different traffic violations. 

These included – driving without a licence, without vehicle registration, disobeying traffic signal among others.

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4. Auto driver in Gurugram was fined ₹32,500 on September 5. 

Having seen stricter laws, Gurugram was not having it easy from police officials. 

An auto-driver was challaned ₹32,500 after he was caught jumping a red light signal. He was also fined for multiple other violations and his vehicle was seized.

Hindustan Times

5. Scooty driver in Haryana was fined ₹16,000 on September 5. 

A scooty driver in Haryana’s Kaithal was slapped a hefty fine of ₹16,000 by the Haryana police for having no documents on him. 

His scooter was later impounded after the man refused to pay the fine. 

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6. Auto driver in Odisha was fined ₹47,500 on September 5. 

Taking things even further, an auto driver in Bhubaneshwar was fined ₹47,500 for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Further he was challaned for – driving under alcohol influence, driving without driving license, registration certificate, permit, pollution certificate and insurance. 

Day After India

7. Truck driver in Delhi was fined a whopping ₹1,41,700 on September 9. 

Setting a new record, a truck, with a Rajasthan registration number, was challaned ₹1,41,700 for violating traffic rules. 

This is the highest challan issued ever since the new motor vehicles bill came into action. 

Deccan Chronicle

8. Truck driver in Odisha was fined ₹86,500 on September 9. 

A truck, with a Nagaland registration number, was fined ₹86,500 in Sambalpur, Odisha. 

The violations included – driving without a license, allowing unauthorized persons to drive, carrying over-dimension projection load and for overloading with an excess of 18 tonne. 

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Only time will tell whether this step makes a difference in the future.