In a shocking video that has emerged from Madhya Pradesh, a gang of four women is seen mercilessly thrashing a female pizza chain employee for allegedly “staring at them”. The assault was recorded on camera and shared on social media platforms.

According to various reports, the video is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The viral video shows four women beating up the woman employee with fists and sticks. Only one of the attackers is seen wearing a face mask. The victim is in her uniform. She falls on the ground and cries for help yet the gang doesn’t stop. The victim does not get any help from the onlookers either.

The video went viral on Twitter and netizens are shocked by the brutality shown by women to another woman.

As per an NDTV report, the victim saved herself by hiding in a nearby house. A case has been registered against the gang on the complaint of the victim. The accused women are apparently a part of a larger local gang. The video was made viral allegedly by the gang itself.

Further information on the incident is awaited.