No debating the fact that coronavirus has really screwed us all over and we aren’t going to get back all the lost time. However, if we choose to look at the brighter side, here are a few positive things that the pandemic has given us:  

1. Air pollution in North India at a 20-year low, NASA

Sources like motor vehicles and factory production release aerosoles which contribute highly to air pollution. Due to the lockdown, aerosol levels have dropped significantly. Aerosols have both natural and man-made sources. Aerosols are tiny particles in the air that affect visibility and create problems for breathing, by damaging the heart and the lungs.

2. Spitting banned in public places

This was a long time coming and now finally the government has banned spitting in public places under the Disaster Management Act due to the coronavirus.

3. Decline in crime rates

Being locked away in our homes has resulted in fewer crimes taking place in the whole country! There has been a 42% drop in crime rate since March 15. According to data shared by the police,1,990 cases have been registered from March 15 to 31 as against 3,416 cases during the same period last year.

4. We have been reminded of our basics like the importance of hygiene and sanitation

With sanitizers and washing hands becoming the new “cool” now, our habits are automatically becoming more hygienic in nature. The pandemic has taken us all back to elementary school and its teachings.

5. Decline in road accidents

An unintended result of the lockdown has been the fall in road accidents. Because of there being a few to no vehicles on the road, the accidents have come down by a great deal. For example: Kerala which accounted for a large share of accidents recorded 105 during the 21 day lockdown while this number was 1787 in the same period.