The first thing I did as soon as the coronavirus panic started to take over, just before the lockdown, was to book tickets to my hometown, to be with my parents.

Now there are two reasons for this – one, I love my parents and two, I love my parents.


10 days into the lockdown, and I had the most enlightening realisation of my life.

My relationship with my parents is better when it’s long distance.

Who doesn’t love the food prepared by their mom? While we are away in another city, we crave for that food. When we are at home, we are pampered like anything and we love that.

But when that pampering and love starts showing effects in our increasing weight, we are like fuck this man. This lockdown is getting way too long. Woh once in a while vale besan laddu hi achhe the.


Also, you get tired of explaining the meaning of lockdown to your parents. Every now and then, you find them getting ready to go out for an adventure with the virus.

This is not it. You then have to listen to their weird logic to everything that’s happening. And you can’t argue with them because WhatsApp pe sab sahi aata hai.

After living away from home for so many years now, I have my routine of sleeping and waking up in the morning. But that doesn’t matter, because parents want what they want.

Kuch kaam ho to samajh bhi aata hai, lockdown mein 7 baje uth ke karein bhi toh kya?

Now here’s where we get them wrong. Kaam hai, bahot saara kaam hai.

Almirah ki safai, table ki safai, windows ki safai, doors ki safai, sofa ki safai, poore ghar ki dhulayi. Aur agar yeh sab ho gaya hai to phir se safai.

This is a trap. A never ending cycle.

And even if you wake up early, there’s already a Mahabharat going on in the house.

Actually, all this is also fun to an extent. You are living in utmost comfort with your parents. You don’t have to worry about groceries and bills. You are in the safest hands.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have all of that. Things that come easy aren’t valued, they say. There are people who are stuck away from their homes and are yearning to get back asap, to get into those little meaningless arguments with their parents and the unconditional love.


This is a golden period for college-going students. An unexpected holiday. So most of them thought they’ll Netflix and chill.

But yeh sab sirf sunne mein achha lagta hai. This lockdown has increased parents’ expectations. According to them this is the best time to study. They might not be wrong but we did not sign up for this.

Tbh, everything is cool when it’s long distance with parents. Woh bhi khush, hum bhi khush.

And while all of us crave to be with our parents, this never-ending lockdown is making us feel ki bas bahot ho gaya.

Those who said distance makes the heart grow fonder, I feel you man. Truer words have never been spoken before.