Firstly, whoever says money can’t buy happiness can send their money here. 

From celebrity joint roller to professional sleepers, we have seen all sorts of weird jobs. Now a new one is added to the list, ‘professional queuer’ yup, it’s true. 

Meet Freddie Beckitt, a professional queuer who stands in line for rich people. 


As per reports, Freddie normally charges £20 (around 2000) an hour to stand in line for other people. He says, “it comes naturally to him as he is from London, and has been queueing “down to a fine art”. He can resist the urge to barge to the front”.

He earns up to £160 (Rs 16,000) a day and has been doing the job for three years alongside his career as a historical fiction writer. 

Freddie is from Fulham, west London, where queuing jobs are quite popular. His clients vary from busy young families to older pensioners, and sometimes he has to wait in the freezing cold, but the summer is his busiest period for him when big events and exhibitions are on.

Talking about this unique profession he says:

It gives me lots of flexibility to earn and fit it about my writing schedule. My friends and family find it very amusing but definitely weren’t surprised.

He has worked with clients who are not afraid to splash the cash. Recalling one of his experiences at V&A’s Christian Dior exhibition, he added:

The actual queuing was just three hours, but they asked me to collect their tickets too and wait for them to arrive, so I just had hours perusing the V&A museum being paid £20 an hour, it was great!

Freddie Beckitt advertises his skills on TaskRabbit and has listed pet sitting, packing, moving help, errands, and gardening skills to supplement his income.

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