Parents pull out all stops to ensure their children get nothing but the best with all their resources. Children notice the efforts made by their parents and go out of their way to thank their parents for their sacrifices. In one viral video, we came across a man who works in an e-commerce company during the day and drives a cab at night just to help his father.

An IAS officer took to Twitter to share the story of this man. Awanish Sharan tweeted a 1:58 minutes long video where the man narrates his story.

The man said that he is not a professional driver but he drives a cab to help his father. The man holds a post-graduate degree in Marketing and International Business. He said,

For the last seven years, I have been working with an e-commerce company. When I turned 18, I started helping my father on weekends, after my studies, and even after office as he is 65.

Some users questioned why is he still letting his father work. Awanish Sharan revealed that the man’s father does not want to sit at home.

Man helping father
Source: Twitter / @AwanishSharan

The man’s story has won everyone’s hearts. The video has 176.1K views, more than 9K likes, and more than 1K retweets. People were moved by his effort to help his father. Here is what they had to say.

The story is indeed heart-warming.

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