Over the course of these two years, we have seen multiple episodes of people misbehaving with the police just for doing their duty. 

Remember the couple in New Delhi who harassed the police only because they were stopped for not wearing a mask? 

Another such incident has been caught on camera in Mumbai’s Mira road. Amar Singh had parked his car in no parking area in Mira road, after which, the traffic-police wheeled-locked the area. 

A video has been doing the rounds, where a man can be seen hurling abuses at a traffic cop. The accused was also accompanied by his wife who was also fighting with the cop. 

As seen in the video, the man is not wearing a mask violating COVID-19 safety protocols. 

According to The Times Of India, Amar has been arrested but his wife has been let go of with a warning as she is pregnant. 

Before being arrested, Amar charged at the cop but when he was arrested, he started crying and even apologized, as captured on camera. 

Needless to say, this 360 turn has gotten everyone talking about it. 

Misbehaving with people just because they are doing their job is never right.