King Charles’ coronation took place the past weekend and you would know about it either through the news or the new age source of information – memes. And if you had spent reasonably enough time scrolling through the images from the event or on Twitter, you would have noticed a dashing man behind King Charles, and people were curious to know who he was.

king Charles bodyguard
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king Charles bodyguard
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As you know, every King needs his Kingsman, and it helps the people in general if that kingsman is as dashing as King Charles’. And that’s why he became a rage when he was first spotted back in September last year at the time of the Queen’s death.

What’s more notable was the umbrella that he was holding, which people anticipated could have been a gun in disguise. And when various videos of him walking in and out of Buckingham Palace went viral online, people couldn’t help but notice his umbrella. People also wondered if he was from the secret service.

But he’s not the only bodyguard people are eyeing right now, here’s another handsome bodyguard who has become an internet sensation. Meet Major Johnny Thompson, who also became internet’s eye candy following Queen Elizabeth’s death.


He was the queen’s former most senior bodyguard, who is now the king’s new equerry. Here’s what the internet is saying about him.

So, yeah, a lot of people did watch the Coronation, but pretty sure they had ulterior motives.