Maharashtra is under lockdown till 31st March amid the coronavirus outbreak. The number of positive cases reported in the state has crossed over 80- the highest amongst all states in India. 

And, while people are under quarantine, another, silver lining to this pandemic has come to light. The streets are empty, skies are clearer and nature is thriving.


Videos of dolphins, doing rounds on social media, swimming near Mumbai's seashore is proof that animals and nature are re-claiming its spaces occupied by humans. 

Many people took to Twitter and posted videos of dolphins swimming around. This is quite an unusual sight since it's not always that you get to spot dolphins that too in a busy city like Mumbai.

Even during 'Janta Curfew' on Sunday, some Mumbaikars living in Marine Drive and Nariman Point were lucky enough to spot dolphins swimming along the shores.

The internet was also impressed with what they saw and this is what they had to say:

Due to COVID-19 spread, fishing activities and movement of large ships at ports have been put on hold and this may have led dolphins to make an appearance along Mumbai's coast. 

Well, whatever be the reason, we are definitely liking what we are seeing.