Space is filled with fascinating sights. It is always beautiful. Isn’t it? Remember the moon pictures that went viral after Chandrayaan-3 captured them while entering lunar orbit? If you are intrigued by galaxies, then this is for you. No, it isn’t about Milky Way.

Milky Way. Source: Tenor

A picture of a mysterious astronomical ‘object’ having an uncanny resemblance to a ‘question mark’ in space has become the talk of the town. Is the universe asking us questions?

A Reddit user, u/penisslayer24, posted the photo of the object on the platform. “NASA’s James Webb telescope has spotted a giant ‘question mark’ object in deep space,” the post reads.

Check out the viral picture here:

Reportedly, NASA’s James Webb Telescope captured the picture that shows a pair of actively forming stars in a star system. Dubbed Herbig-Haro 46/47, the star system also features the ‘question mark’ in the middle.

Netizens are coming up with jokes and theories after witnessing this strange object in the galaxy:

According to a report by the Independent, scientists believe that it could be a distant galaxy or the result of two galaxies interacting with each other. It may also be happening due to the big galaxy distorting the cosmic cloud and gas of the other and thus forming a shape like a question mark.

Fascinating, isn’t it?