For some days at least, Navika Kumar will probably refrain from asking rhetoric questions. Because the recent panel discussion on Times Now, let’s just say, did not go according to her plan.

During a panel discussion, guest Gokul Chandran made a point about casteism with Shudras and Aryans as focal points. We wouldn’t want to go into the depth of the argument, given that the clip doing rounds is only 50-seconds-long.


But we do know that towards the end of it, Navika asked Gokul if she should leave the country.

Can we stay? With your permission, can we stay in this country, sir? Since you’re the boss and the owner of this country, can we live in this country?

To which, Gokul replied.

You cannot. 

And then she asked.

I should go? Where should I go?

And Gokul said.

You can go. Wherever you want.

The clip ends after some “how dare yous”, and here is how Twitter reacted to the whole thing.