If you’re living around the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, your vaccination might be important for a reason other than just Covid. 

As an initiative to inoculate people in Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu authorities have made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated with both doses first. 


Collector Innocent Divya said on Thursday, “This step was part of the drive to vaccinate the residents.”

So, if you want to buy liquor from state-run TASMAC outlets, you need vaccination certificates to show that you have taken two doses, and only then are you eligible. 

Not only vaccination certificates, but you also need to submit a copy of your Aadhar card to purchase liquor in Nilgiris district. 

The Indian Express

Collector Divya says, “We have almost covered 97 per cent of our eligible population. The authorities are indulging in the door-to-door vaccination programme. Some people who are alcoholics were not ready to take vaccines because there was this report initially that once you take the vaccine, you cannot consume alcohol for two or three days.”

Nilgiris is the first district to come up with such an initiative in Tamil Nadu. And we hope many more take this step to vaccinate people. 

Africaa Tembelaa

She further told The Indian Express, “So to increase more vaccination coverage, we have come up with this announcement. People who have been administered at least one dose of vaccine can get the liquor from the shop. They just need to show the SRF ID on their phone to the store in charge.”

I think this is the best way to inoculate the entire population.